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24-28.7.2023 >> Summer @ Erlebnisbaumschule

31.7-4.8.2023 >> Summer @ Amperhof

7-11.8.2023 >> Summer @ Amperhof

01-05.08.20223>> Yoga and Family Nature Retreat @ Windschnur, Chiemsee

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These courses are any combination of outdoor skills- pocket knife skills, fire making, animal tracking, learning about medicinal plants, nature walks, archery, art projects with nature, etc. for children ages 7+.



These are outdoor day camps that are offered during the Bavarian school holidays at either the Amperhof Organic Farm in Olching or the Erlebnisbaumschule in Gilching for children ages 5-12.



Parenting Children of any age can be a challenge. In order to support parents through these times, I offer Nature Coaching to help find a way to a more balanced, respectful and harmonious family life.

Please send me an email to book.



These are courses which give children the skills to learn how to live and „survive“ outdoors. They range from pocket knife courses, archery, fire making, animal tracking and more. These courses are longer in duration and often involve campouts.



As children grow up, they find themselves in a world of new things- ideas, ways of living and thinking, social groups, preparing for the future and much more.

I offer 1-1 coaching for teens to help them navigate this time with skills that can help them become confident, strong and clear.

Send me and email to inquire about a coaching session.



Our aim is to enrich the social and emotional development of pre-teen girls through creative activities, coaching and educating, and the creation of their own tribe through regular meetings. Ages 10-13.


Facts & Questions

Your child needs to be dressed appropriately for the weather. 
For rain: rain pants, rain jacket, waterproof shoes, warm socks, dress in layers (bring extra socks). 
For rain/snow/cold: rain pants or snow suit, rain jacket or ski jacket, waterproof shoes, warm socks, dress in layers (bring extra socks). 
For heat: sun hat, closed toe sandals (NO CROCS), light, comfortable clothing.

A backpack that can fit a change of socks/clothes, a water bottle, snacks, sunscreen (in summer), mosquito spray (in summer) and lunch (for the Erleibnisbaumschule Camps), a swimsuit and towel (for Amerhof Summer Camp).

Yes, for the Erlebnisbaumschule Camps. No, for the Amperhof Camps. Please pack snacks for your child.

Yes, please label it.

The meeting point is the kiosks between where the Sbahns leave at the Donnersbergerbrucke. There is no toilet there, so please make sure your child uses the toilet before he/she leaves the house. For all weekend courses-you must bring your child to/from the course.

This is not a problem. We swim at the Amperhof Camps- in a pond, which is small (and very cold). The pond is shallow enough for those children who cannot swim to wade in it and catch water critters and deep enough for those that want to swim a bit to do so. There is always at least one adult in the water with the children at all times.

The camps at the Amperhof are never cancelled due to weather. The camps at the Erlebnisbaumschule are most often NOT cancelled- but in the event of extremely bad weather, I will cancel the camp. 

If the weather is rainy, we will set up tarps for the children to be under- this gives them enough space to stay dry and warm. There is also a Bauwagon for them to hang out in. The forest is also heavily covered, so it is a fine place to be in the event of rain.

No. Everyone that works for the Englischfee speaks both English and German. The main language of the holiday camps is English, but in the event of a child not understanding something- we (and the other children) will speak German with the child. The Parent/Child Courses and the Overnight Camps are almost exclusively bi-lingual (myself and a German team member).

No. Learning a language takes much more time than one day or a week, but it is a good basis for the child to get a feel for another language and also to feel how to feels to not understand (this is often a motivation for children to want to learn a language).

The max. number of children is 15 with 3 adults.

Yes, beautifully. Often, the older children take more responsibility for the younger children and the younger children look up to the older children. I am very honest with parents when children sign up and try to find a balance of ages. I’ve had only positive results with this concept.



Check the calendar to see my offers and dates.


Please check the FAQ's for any questions.


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