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ongoing  >> Nature Coaching for Parents

24-28.7.2023 >> Summer @ Erlebnisbaumschule

31.7-4.8.2023 >> Summer @ Amperhof

7-11.8.2023 >> Summer @ Amperhof

01-05.08.20223>> Yoga and Family Nature Retreat @ Windschnur, Chiemsee

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Amie Mignatti, an Austin, Texas native, has a BS in Early Childhood Development and Visual Arts, is a Montessori (AMI) trained teacher, a yoga teacher, holds a Wilderness Education diploma from a German outdoor education program, is a certified Nature Coach, was a former teacher trainer in the U.S. Peace Corps and has lived and worked in Munich since 2007, previously as the director of a kindergarten. She speaks several languages fluently, has explored the world and worked in many different cultures and settings. She is open minded, creative, friendly, genuine, loving and committed to bringing children (and adults) into natural settings where they can gain a greater appreciation and respect for their environment, community, and most importantly, themselves. Her partner is German and together they raise their own beautiful daughter bilingually.

Amie offers courses for children, parents and teenage girls. She has expanded her line of work from solely focusing on skill based courses and camps to working on a finer and deeper level with parents in order to bring about a transformation in their parenting and home lives- allowing them to live more peacefully and connected as a family.


We are currently in the digital age, where children are spending many hours per day on screens. Although it is necessary for children to use technology, there is also an equal necessity for them to be outdoors.

Nature gives children:

*the space to move with their entire body

*the ability to create with their own imaginations 

*time to explore and question the way the world works

*the possibility for their eyes to adjust and focus on objects farther away

*a sense of calm and peace

*a place for them to be free, run, breathe and be without the pressure of having to do something or reach a goal

*a strong immune system

*an innate sense of curiosity

My programs are curated so that children have the possibility to create something with nature and also have the time to just be free- with no program other than what comes from within them. I offer them a safe space to let their imaginations run free with no toys. The children need this now more than ever and I’ve found that they come home happy, tired, dirty and full of life- as childhood should be!


I am working with a team of wonderful and experienced people. Their dedication to teaching nature skills and working with children in an outdoor setting, as well as their experience as teachers and guides, makes us a well rounded team.

For more information about these lovely people, please check out their individual profile behind their pictures.


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